Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday 01

Omg it's 2010! And I haven't posted anything in 3 months! That's ok, I really only did anything in the month of December. These pictures sum up the good parts of last month.

I've been looking forward to attending Urban Craft Uprising since I missed the summer event by a matter of days. So I had a lot of time to get excited and prepare for the few hours in Seattle. It was a major treat to go at all since I was super busy, and all sorts of scheduling issues were popping up. Thankfully Robert insisted that it would be a much needed good time while I stressed out over finals, and we all had a blast. In order to bring Snugglebunny along, I constructed a car seat for him. It's ridiculously adorable, though you cant see it all here. In addition to the fish in front, there are many more on the backs and sides of the seat. The seat itself is made of the cutest fabric I've ever seen: frogs riding colored pencils in outer space. omfg. I'm going to the store I bought that from while I'm here in Hawaii to see what other cute shit I could get for Snugglebunny.

We bought fancy soap from this one vendor, and she completely fell in love with Snugglebunny. Long story short, I'm going to find a way to share a family of Snugglebunnies through my etsy shop. Probably by sewing instead of knitting. I think a handknit Snugglebunny, such as the original, would retail for about $200. Maybe someday he'll have a fan with that kind of dough.

This chick sold beards! Largely knit or crocheted, and some beard related artwork. I'm so inspired!!

People bring some amazing stuff to UCU. I was blown away by all the screen printers. Lots and lots of cute monsters.

Oh hey, it's the space needle!

My favorite picture of Bellis yet. You can really see the orange and purple, in addition to pink and white. She's the prettiest snake I've ever seen. Ever!

I made this little bird for friend Ashleigh's birthday. Lots of friends at an Irish pub type restaurant. I spent more on my white chocolate martini than I did on my entree (I split shepherd's pie with friend Tanya). It was a great night, although I didn't actually give her the plush until the day after. Someone said it looked like a pear, which I agree with. I think this reflects the fact that the first plushes I made were vegetables.

Freeform patternmaking!

Oh god I love this picture.

At my mom's house. I helped her put new plants into her planter. I can't wait to have my own garden! It was super fun!

Clouds, the sun, and Honolulu.

Sunset and Honolulu with gazebo in foreground.


  1. Snugglebunny's carseat is SO CUTE. You are the cleverest girl! & the bird! I love the bird. Also, you are beautiful & your boy is very good looking!

  2. Happy New Year INDEED DOLL! (you have bad hair *wink wink*)
    I LOVE IT!!!! I'm just happy that your finally happy!!
    And having a shop just dedicated to a Family of Snugglebunnys would GENIOUS!! $$$:)
    That is an awsome idea! You can totally sign and number each snugglebunnys & even give each a name and a sub-family!
    I know, I'm crazy...but I think you have an awsome idea!
    As a Mami of a Snugglbunnette, I'm excited for you!

  3. Oppsie....I meant to say "bed hair"(*wink wink*)
    I re-read it and gasped in horror! Makka's gana hate me! Eeek!
    Sorry for the typo love oxoxo