Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday 20

Mmm, fall break has been good. I don't remember what I did on Friday. Saturday, I went to Terry's Berries, a farm in Puyallup, with Tanya and Marissa. Despite the misconception that a farm is a natural place, agriculture is still an amazing invention to behold. So many varieties of edible leaf! Not only edible, but tasty as well. Plants whose ancestors were poisonous, or yielded almost no nutritional content. Not to mention the farm animals that process grains and grasses into protein. Anywho, here are some pictures!

This is adorable :)

Large, beautiful cabbages.

This is a CSA farm, so they have lots of different crops instead of being a giant monoculture. Ick.

Us and our apples.

Marissa rolling apples into the chopper.

Tanya pressing cider.

Me rolling and Tanya pressing.

Super awesome organic farm shop, where we bought a ton of vegetables for our root vegetable and mushroom pie. No pictures but damn it was good. Will need to make it again.


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  1. Mm, freshly pressed apple cider! I bet it was delicious. :)