Saturday, June 20, 2009

20 June

I have the most amazing friends ever!!! The folks of the Threadbanger forums have come to hold a very special place in my heart, and I really feel like a part of the community there. The most awesome part is moving out from just the forums and being able to communicate with these people through many many other mediums. It started out with the random thoughts thread, where I met Tany--one of the kindest, easygoing, and beautiful threadbangers in existence. Tany agreed to participate in my first swap, after years of wishing on my part. I just got in the mail the first part of her gift! This beautiful yarn came with a nice letter, in the most gorgeous penmanship I have ever seen! It's actually the result of a collaboration between Tany and the famous Angry Hippie, who I know for her wry wit, straightforward rightmindedness, and relatability. This yarn is organically dyed handspun tencel in the color motif of a large green mug that I have. I haven't decided what to make out of it yet, but I can't wait. It was incredible rolling it up into a ball. Whenever I figure out what it'll be, it's ready to go. Thank you so much to Tany, and Hippie for your hard work.

Just today in the mail, I got a package from MadonnaontheRocks, working in collaboration also with the Angry Hippie. Everything was so beautifully wrapped and the details on the necklace and ring were spectacular.

In this last picture you can also see a letter and necklace frok Vikki32, who was my partner for TBPenpals. We decided to send each other jewelry involving some polymer clay. She really hit the mark in terms of style and color with her necklace, and her letter was very nice as well. She even glued a sprig of cherry flowers to the top for aesthetic. Thank you Vikki!

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  1. Awww Doll, I'm glad you liked the yarn, but I only ordered it and Hippie made it with tons and tons of love! You know how she!

    And Donnas work is just amazing! You cant go wrong with his work....NICE baby seals..jealous!

    and Vikki..yeah..shes the bomb! LUck girl, she wont skip out on you like I did..hee hee sorry doll.:)