Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday 17

A new item for my etsy. Suggestions for its worth? It took 5 hours to make--four different bows with handsewn beading.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday 03

It's nice to take a break from my busy schedule and take a look at nice etsy things that people have made. Unlike last weekend, the two papers I worked on didn't get finished. The source of this welcome distraction? Polymer clay. Adorable bears. Knitting. I've been flipping through the selection of adorable bamboo knitting needles made by Simply Hibiscus that are currently available at her shop, Lucy's Colorful Dreams. She's decorated them all with adorable figurines, such as happy little mushrooms and sweet little lady bugs. But these bears really take the cake, with their big baby eyes and tiny heartshaped tails. These size 8 needles could be yours for only $5 (for both needles! a steal!), an excellent price for a pair of needles, especially ones decorated so nicely. Check out Simply Hibiscus' shop at or search for items tagged TBGuild for even more great finds from the crafters of Threadbanger.

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