Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday 26

Whew! I have been working on my neurobiology paper on fatal familial insomnia for almost 9.5 hours today! And all I did was take it from 8 pages to 13! But now I'm done, thank goodness, and I've gotten it turned in before midnight tonight. I just wish I could find my planner so I could cross those suckers off. It looks like that might require some cleaning, though, so who knows when I'll ever get the satisfaction. I even finished another paper yesterday which is due tomorrow. It's about why it's ok for people to counter-argue environmentalism--they get themselves proven so severely wrong that they eliminate the question that climate change could be not happening. On Tuesday, I have to present my FFI review, which means tomorrow will be spent making a presentation. On Thursday, I'm supposed to turn in a paper about the effect of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide on the community compositions of soil microbes, but I have a bit of an extension on that. Probably into the weekend. On Friday I have another presentation for which I'm not very prepared at all, unfortunately. And it's a group presentation. I'll have to get my act together about that tomorrow. This week will be crazy hectic, but then not so much. I'm glad. And I have my new computer to keep me from being frustrated over my overheating laptop.

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