Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday 29

I'm so sorry Goofi. I failed you hardcore.

the yarn design goes around the outside. there is no bottom. it needs some beads thrown around. note, however, that prior to this evening, there was just the one large rose and that's it. i had class until 7. it's 2. i'm going to bed.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday 26

Whew! I have been working on my neurobiology paper on fatal familial insomnia for almost 9.5 hours today! And all I did was take it from 8 pages to 13! But now I'm done, thank goodness, and I've gotten it turned in before midnight tonight. I just wish I could find my planner so I could cross those suckers off. It looks like that might require some cleaning, though, so who knows when I'll ever get the satisfaction. I even finished another paper yesterday which is due tomorrow. It's about why it's ok for people to counter-argue environmentalism--they get themselves proven so severely wrong that they eliminate the question that climate change could be not happening. On Tuesday, I have to present my FFI review, which means tomorrow will be spent making a presentation. On Thursday, I'm supposed to turn in a paper about the effect of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide on the community compositions of soil microbes, but I have a bit of an extension on that. Probably into the weekend. On Friday I have another presentation for which I'm not very prepared at all, unfortunately. And it's a group presentation. I'll have to get my act together about that tomorrow. This week will be crazy hectic, but then not so much. I'm glad. And I have my new computer to keep me from being frustrated over my overheating laptop.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday 19

Indeed, it's been a while since I last posted. I wonder if that will become a common way to start an entry. I hope not, especially not when summer comes by. It honestly feels like summer already though. We went straight from winter to summer with no break at all for spring. The flowers are exploding. I wish to be on summer break too. I found out last week that I've been accepted to do summer research. I get a pretty stipend, which I haven't received but have already bought a computer with, to do 10 weeks of full time research on the genetics of the Chlamydomonas eyespot. I'm very excited. I hope to get really good at running repetitive techniques and staggering long processes.

Currently I'm working on a report about fatal familial insomnia. There's a good wiki on it, in fact that's where I got the idea. I need to post a few of my papers that I'm proud of. I think they'd be an interesting read for some.

Anywho, here are bunch of pictures I'm sharing.

tree trunk

hybrid goose

mushroom log

Trillium ovatum

a stream

slower water

enlarge it, I dare you.

peeking from backstage

in the dressing room

blue and gold choker, soon to be for sale~

This is what I spent my Sunday afternoon doing. I was chatting with Lady Jane and "Bob" and thinking of how jealous I was of all these people I hear about finding amazing lots of craft supplies at some odd yard sale for ridiculously cheap. So off I went to do groceries with the intent of stopping at every garage sale I saw. On the way to the store, I thought my luck was ruined. I only passed one sale, and it was heavily over advertised. Their "huge yard sale!!!" was just some junk on a couple of tarps, and I didn't bother getting out of my car. I took the slightly long way home for some reason, and as I neared my home, I saw a promise of a "giant" yard sale. So I took my groceries in and walked to the sale. Boy was I excited when I saw the flags.

This is a real yard sale. About 15 tables with stuff on top, underneath, and all over the grass. The house was beautiful. One table was completely covered in cell phone parts and the far side that we can't see in this picture: littered with craft supplies. I picked up what we see below for just $16.

Clockwise from the top center: a wood and glass display case, blue and silver christmas wrapping paper, 6 or 7 spools of ribbon, floral wire, foam stickers (pirate themed), colored card stock, nylon cord (navy), a pack of chipboard buttons, a beginner's kit for using nylon cord, 7 jose cuervo bandanas, two teacups, a ceramic dish with litte froggies, a sewing pattern for giant dinosaur toys, a garbage bag full of mostly felt in different colors, and a metal magazine rack.

It was so much stuff that I had to walk back home and bring my car. LJ and JS, I think you made all the difference.

Here's my outfit today. I think it's a cute combination. I have on blue rubber slippers, black shorts that I made myself, a grey sweater, and a green silk scarf. I think it's a good spring look--halfway between winter and summer.

You can kind of see my blueberry (finally repotted!) and my hyacinth in this picture. I have my plants, potting soil, and a chair just sitting in front of my apartment door.

Here's that storage cabinet cleaned up and filled with my rock collection. I'm pretty proud of it, I had no idea it would fill it up already. Left to right, top to bottom: Limestone with cubic fluorite crystals, lace agate, basalt and olivine, fossilized coral, orange crystal unkown, basalt and olivine; row 2: calcite, thomsonite, fossilized snail, calcite and serpentine, rose quartz, amber; bottom row: abalone shells, sledge rock, amethyst, tibetan quartz.

Here's the area around my rock collection. I have a fan from Chengde in China, a Chinese jewelry box, petrified wood, a fairy made from a silk flower, a couple of decorative boxes, including one made from cinnamon, a jar with shells and such I've collected, a toy echidna, and a goldfish figurine from Russia.

The whole terrarium area. The left side with the dead plants is pretty disgraceful. I should do something about that.