Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday 01

I've clearly failed to post in a while. I've been busy with a number of school and craft projects, including but not limited to my research proposal, a pants-into-bag reconstruction for a friend's birthday, a giving-blood-t-shirt-into-sexier-t-shirt reconstruction for me, sea jelly cane buttons, a decorative curtain above my workspace, and a gift for someone, but that's a secret.

Here's the curtain--entirely non-functional of course. I had to move my drawing down a little so that you could still see it, but that certainly fixes the problem of having too much blank wall right there. I also got the idea last night of cutting out diamond shapes from my stack and arranging them in a lattice on the walls at both sides of my desk. Now that I'm getting around to decorating it, it's a pretty awesome little nook to have.
Here's the starting material for a super awesome blouse I made, but have not yet photographed. I got it in exchange for donating blood. Or I should say I donated blood to get this shirt. Honestly I don't think I would have if not for remembering I didn't get one last time. I also think I will donate blood again in the near future to get another one, this time in XXL.

This and the next few are of a field pack I made for friend Tanya for her birthday out of pants and a t-shirt. It's also got a shoe-lace drawstring, so most of it's recycled, except for the buttons. Those are super awesome handmade seajelly buttons that glow in the dark. Those aren't recycled, but I think they're kinda worth it.

Inside lined with t-shirt; pocket, pencil holder, and space for a phone, compass, or hand lens.

Super awesome seajelly adjustable straps

The straps fold away in the lowest setting! How nifty!

The family of seajellies featured.

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