Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday 11

confession: i feel really good after my neurobiology lab. we dissected sheep brains, and the first hour was spent prying the skull off. with my hands. (gloved hands). my thumbs are a little sore, but there was a definite sense of accomplishment when i had the brain separate from the mound of skull fragments. we didn't send too many shards of bone or clumps of tissue flying around the room, and nothing ended up in my mouth or on my face. that spells success to me.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday 03

Tuesdays are a pretty ridiculous bit of scheduling. I have just three classes, but I'm in class for 7 1/2 hours. I go from 930am to 7pm, so by now I'm completely exhausted. So will go the rest of the semester, and with any luck, the summer! I'm currently in the infantile stages of writing a proposal to do research on cancer cell biology in fruit flies. It's not that I have a thing with fruit flies (see alcoholism in fruit flies), it's just that there's a surprising amount of similarity in the ways that humans and flies function on a cellular and molecular level. It's highly advantageous to use model organisms such as fruit flies, nematodes, yeast, and E coli bacteria because of the ease with which they can be genetically manipulated. Genes can be turned on and off and their functions carefully determined by use of staining techniques and light microscopy or molecular analysis using probe RNAs. At the start of last semester, I had absolutely no plan to mess around with research of any kind, much less on the micro level, and certainly not involving cancer mechanisms or fruit flies. I think my big plan with college was to find the biggest holes possible and jump into them head first.

I'm spent, so I'll go ahead and share some pictures of Snugglebunny. He's been on a rigorous schedule, too. He spends like 60% of his day getting his snuggle rest and 80% playing the fiercely snuggly captain of the Veggie Pirates. He's got some Valentine's Day booty to show for all his hard work.