Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday 08

So I've been in Hawaii for a week and a half now, visiting parents and getting my fill of the local cuisine. I haven't posted at all, not for lack of time, but for lack of productivity. I think I've been posting in just about every thread in the Threadbanger forum for as long as I've been here. Other than that, the only evidence of my craftiness has been in working on a grey fleece stuffed elephant. I have two feet left to sew on, then I add the tail, stuff it, and decorate it with beads. Then I'm giving it to Amarjit, Robert's and my greatest hero in the world (he's the owner and main cook/chef at India Mahal, the only restaurant worthy of our money). It's going to take a while to get all the beads on, which makes it kind of silly that I took the time to hand sew the whole thing. I backstitched every seam because I distrust running stitch. Either way, the guy's gonna love it, and he'll love us even more for it. Considering how much love (money) we give him, it'd sure be nice to get a little love back (5% best customer discount?).

I haven't completed anything in over a week and a half. I would feel pretty worthless if not for forming a couple of very exciting ideas. One idea has already failed, and that was making my first video tutorial to make up for all the complaining I've been doing. The tutorial hasn't failed, but making it as a means of accomplishing something in Hawaii has. I didn't bring my camera charger, apparently. I got about halfway through recording the tutorial when the battery died. There's not much left to the project, it was pretty darn simple. Just a little t-shirt reconstruction with no more than a few handstitches. It's a very good project for me now, given my lack of sewing machine and other cool equpiment and materials, but I'm SO MAD that I didn't bring the charger. I'm usually pretty good with that. I'll be done with it shortly after I'm back in Tacoma. I think I'll be able to upload it on Wednesday.

The other idea, I already tossed into the Random Thoughts thread. I think it'll be simplest to just repost it.

i like watching video tutorials. i found a series of clips from expert village on how to make a "flared" skirt, and not only was i disappointed, i was horrified. watch this clip.

the girl (her name sounds like candycane cansew) drags on and on, describing every minute movement and decision she makes, as though it's for someone who has never sewn clothes before, but she doesn't bother defining basic terms like seam allowance, and she acts like hemming is a handy trick that she came up with herself. her finished project, shown in this clip, is nothing that you'd imagine a flared skirt to look like. it's much straighter than even an a-line skirt, and the slight difference in the width of the panels hardly accounts for the shape of your legs, much less creating any amount of flare.

the purpose of this rant? there are a lot of totally subpar videos on the net for making your own clothes. the only ones that i've learned anything from are associated with threadbanger. threadbanger does way more for inspiring and teaching about making clothes than anything else that makes videos on the subject. does anyone else feel like there's a lack of video resources for diyers at the intermediate level? rob and corinne and meg seem like pioneers in the area. i want more, but they're already in such high demand. i almost want to take matters into my own hands, and video document my experiments with pattern construction for original designs. i feel like i could do a way better job than that chick (blech) making videos targeted for non-n00bz. i think i could provide better design ideas and pattern elements without spending 2 minutes drawing a trapezoid.

is there demand for those kinds of video tutorials? is there supply (in addition to tb, i just need MORE) that i've failed to find? i wouldn't be capable of a full on webisode, nor would i feel like competing with threadbanger's existing almightiness in the field, but i think i can help contribute to the technical aspects of clothing construction, especially where people are moving just beyond the basics. what do you think? should i do it?


My last idea hit me while going through boxes in my dad's attic. I have a lot of reconstructable clothes in colors and prints that it would be a shame to send off to the thrift store. I also found a lot of neat fabrics while going through my mom's fabric stash (most of it was mine at some point..). I made a lot of strange material decisions before I developed such a loving relationship with black (there's so much to enjoy in texture alone!). And so my idea is to divide up the materials into a few packages that I can send out in flat rate envelopes to people who can make better use than I can. It's like thrifting, but it's free, a surprise, and you have to wait for it to come in the mail. Sounds like fun right? And then you'll send me pictures of stuff you made from it, and everyone's happy.

If you'd like a mystery package (I promise to send only fabric and clothes, nothing dangerous!!) leave a comment below. Include your Threadbanger username if you're a guest or if I don't know you or if your name is different from your username here. I assume anyone reading this is from Threadbanger, because otherwise you wouldn't trust me to send you a mystery package. In case I have to choose between people, include a quick blurb of your idea of the ultimate mystery package. I probably don't have it to send to you, but I'll pick based on how useful I think it will be. Have fun! I'll let this go until Sunday unless no one responds. Hopefully I can mail packages on Monday, before I leave that night. Otherwise I'll have to take them with me to Tacoma and send them there. If need be I'll set another date.

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  1. awww well i'm glad your having a good trip darling

    i would love a mystery package but the only thing is
    i knit more than i sew and i don't really have a place to put more craft material my art drawer is filled to the brim