Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday 12

Tonight I hopefully will be going back home. I have three flights that I can try to get off the island on, and if those fail, i'll be up at 5am to try again. No matter what, I should be home tomorrow. God damn. Thank goodness. I've been so lonely lately that it's been affecting my motivation. Considering my usual drive, this is some serious shit. I managed to make one thing over the past couple of days (the elephant is still not done). It's a gift for friend Lucas, the only person who made time to see me while I was here. It's kind of funny, because he's my friend from Tacoma. Now that he's in Hawaii, I'm his friend from back home. He complimented me on my wirework, so I made a little trinket that is probably a little too easy to lose..I hope he doesn't.
Here's me today.


  1. its so prettttyyy!!

    as are you!

  2. The swirls... amazing. Wow, that i just so prety, I'd love to make somehthing like that.
    ps- your hair colour is so lovely btw, I'm jelous!

  3. howd you get them to stay together?