Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday 17

I'm completely finished with everything for genetics and geology. Genetics final was at 8am this morning :( but I think I did alright. I had good notes, which were allowed. The one problem I stumbled on was about DNA sequencing. Anyway, I'm sticking some pictures here so I can share my designs.

This is a top made from scratch for my mom's Christmas present. It looks ok, and I'm sure she'll be really hung up on the workmanship. Her college major was fashion design and her life is criticism. First off, it's all sorts of wonky in terms of shaping. I used non-stretchy brocade on stretchy knit, so it sits above hips like mine. Her's might be narrower...she's smaller than me in general.

This is a qipao (pronounced chee pow) inspired top. It's extra long with 3/4 sleeves and an offset mandarin collar. As you can see, the characteristic diagonal closure is false and embellished with embroidered butterflies, which I'm still working on. I think it will get some attention on the plane.

Here's a full-length view of my beloved winter coat. I designed it using Chinese and European elements and had it tailored by Mr. Cao when I visited Shanghai during the summer of 2007. It's made from cashmere and fully lined with dragon printed silk/polyester.
Here is a not-so-Chinese design element. A pleat of dragon silk is laced up on the outside. The cord Mr. Cao used is actually the same dragon print silk used in the rest of the cord. He included many very fine details that I didn't even think to specify.
These silk inserts open up in the wind or when I walk. Those aren't very chinese either, but you can sort of see the two different kinds of buttons used.

Here's another picture of the buttons at the collar. The collar is worn high, like a mandarin collar. The butterfly frog closure at the top as well as the three at the bottom of the closure were made by hand by Mr. Cao using the fabrics featured in the rest of the coat. As you can see in the button hole, he inserted fancy uber couture tabs instead of just stitching it finished.

Here you can see the lining--printed all over with a dragon design, because I was born in the year of the dragon.

Here's the heartbreaking part. The very middle back of that beautiful dragon silk lining got all ripped up by my pants. There are little corners on my pockets and belt loops that wreaked havoc on that one part for some time. I asked a knowledgeable seamstress how to approach fixing the hole, and she told me I needed to completely replace the lining with some stronger fabric. Therefore I'm taking these pictures to the threadbanger forum for some better opinions.

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