Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday 28

And now...proof that I'm productive even when I'm too lazy to upload pictures that I have taken and are already on my computer.

Here's a pin cushion that I made a few weeks back. Judging by the contents of my memo board, I was still writing my genetics report. I made it using toilet paper tubes, scrap fabric, beads, and nail polish. It's meant to be a desktop fixture, like a sand weighted tape dispenser, versus a handy go everywhere wristtop pin or tape dispenser.

Here are three beaded bracelets that I made for Robert to give his female Hopi relatives for Christmas. I need to remind him to mail those...He has two aunts and a grandma (So-oa). Maybe it's crude, but I used a lot of very earthy semi-precious gemstones on account that they're Hopi...Actually they're very proud and would probably appreciate that I selected materials with consideration to their culture. Oh wait, they'll just think Robert bought them some matching bracelets for Christmas.

Here's a sneak preview at a work in progress...

Indian cuisine is the food of gods... me and Amarjit.

Here's Robert's turntable setup, complete with handmade dust cover and long sought after yard sale cabinet. I'll call them Christmas presents. I'm thinking I'll make some Snugglebunny facial features out of felt so that he can play Mr. Potatohead[Snugglebunny] with his dust cover.

An awesome Christmasy scene. That tree is just...amazing.

This amount of snowfall is considered unusual for the Pacific Northwest. Thank you climate change.

The three of us went playing in the snow while it was still crisp and powdery.

It's Snugglebunny's first Christmas. He was very excited to see snow for the first time, too.

The next day he woke up and wanted to put on his hat. So he put it on....

And bumped some Dilla while I made him...

...a matching Santa coat to go with his Santa hat!

Our whole Christmas was pretty much thrown together, but we managed to put up a cute little tree for everyone to enjoy.

I didn't actually finish it until Christmas night, when we put the star up (for everyone else, that's 4am the day after Christmas).

Snugglebunny put his hat up too.

Oh joy, Christmas excitement! Hooray! But oh, wait...

Then I go to Hawaii where, despite the beauty, it is horribly humid and muggy, I have no friends, and strangers give me ugly looks when they walk by. I smile nicely, and they just glare at my pale skin and black clothes, like, "What's your problem?? Get with the goddamn aloha spirit!"

I'm sooo home sick after only 30 hours, half of which were spent sleeping.

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