Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday 14

Here's my progress in working up a stash to sell at school and online: i have completed 5 scoodies, sewn 7 collar scarves (missing just the button), cut out fabric for 5 more collar scarves and 3 scoodies (hoods already assembled). No, it's not that far, especially since it would be irresponsible of me to get much more done in the next week. Next Friday I have a statistics exam (easy, no worries) and a genetics review paper due (holy. crap.) on genetic studies of alcoholism and related behaviors in fruit flies. This is actually of supreme importance in the field of genetic research; a surprising amount of the human genome is shared with flies, as well as other model organisms as soil nematodes and baker's yeast. There is some great literature out there regarding alcoholism in flies. My favorite so far is "Recurring ethanol exposure induces disinhibited courthip in drosophila". In other words, alcohol turns fruit flies into horn balls just like it does with humans. They also have some great equipment for measuring intoxication in flies. One of the fanciest is an "inebriometer". It's essentially a large glass tube that houses several mesh funnels in a column. Flies are placed at the top funnel and alcohol vapor is pumped through to intoxicate them. As they become intoxicated (directly proportional to duration of exposure) they lose their balance from each funnel and then fall to the next. Alcohol sensitivity is then measured as the time it takes for the flies to fall all the way to the bottom. By using the inebriometer, researchers have been able to study mutant flies which are particularly tolerant or particularly sensitive to alcohol versus normal flies, and the identity of the gene(s) that control that tolerance or sensitivity could lead to the discovery of its human counterpart(s).

School aside, I went on a pretty major shopping spree at JoAnn this evening. I spent $83, but in total saved about $75 with things on sale. It's all just stuff for making scarves and scoodies. I figure I won't make more than 3 or 4 ever with the same combination of fabric, just keep switching out my stock. I can actually put those five scoodies on etsy, but I'll need to design and construct a stamp for tagging each item. Designing's a little tough because I would feel ridiculous if I kept changing it. Kinda like getting a tattoo; I haven't decided a design was a good idea long enough to go get it done. Anywho, I'm gonna go sew some.

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