Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday 07

I was supposed to have a geology exam last Monday, but somehow it's been put off until next Wednesday, and we get to use a cheat sheet again. I...guess I don't have that to worry about this weekend. What I do have to worry about is making nematode cross three. Cross one generated heterozygous mutant males (they are mutant in that they don't love nicotine); cross two was between heterozygous males and 6 different marker strains; cross three is inbreeding the offspring of cross 2. It's all just so very interesting, especially when you can manage not to kill the few worm males you can pick out in the sea of hermaphrodites. When I'm done worrying about microscopic worms and their sexual activities (asexual activities are typically disregarded) I can start making botanigoth accessories to sell on Etsy. I hope to have eight things or more available at a time once I get started, so I will try to get ahead if I can. But then I don't know how curious college kids are about visiting the websites they pull off the bottoms of fliers at the cafe. I also needs a photoshoot so people know they can buy a scoodie or pidge scarf/cowl. About the pidge scarf/cowl--I'm not sure which it's supposed to be called, since all the pidge scarves I looked up were knit and all the cowls were much larger and enveloping. Maybe someday I'll know.

I put off writing earlier this week mostly because of the genetics exam I took on Wednesday night. But hey, I am now alumnus to the highschool that graduated the first black US president. Hooray for Barry, who, even two months before he is officially president, is already morphing the entire world into a better place. If anyone out there hasn't already indulged in some patriotism, I encourage you to look up all the positive change articles in the New York Times. Go read about the puppy the Obamas are adopting. I find myself looking forward to my time in this country before I leave for Sweden. I might be ready by the end of his second term. I so rarely feel connected enough to other people to be able to celebrate a victory for our country, but maybe that was because no one was connected to realize that a victory worth really celebrating was really possible. We surprised ourselves with how united we could be, and maybe we're not so hypocritical as we prove ourselves under hyprocritical leadership.

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