Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday 29 later

So there they are. A few words: these are exaggerated super skinny super tall figures. I was taught to draw by comic book artist and drawing instruction book author Christopher Hart, so that's how I draw people. I can't draw males, and I can't draw people who aren't 7 heads or so tall. They are not to be used for any purpose besides drawing clothes over, and they are not to be taken as a realistic depiction of the female body. That being said, please upload whatever designs you love using these templates. I compiled them into different pages thinking that people have several ideas in mind that want to come out when they sit down to draw them, and that it'd be nice to have those designs side by side for recombination later on. Still to come: all front and all back three quarter and full pages, maybe some specifically side poses, and as I described earlier, style pages. "These will have just one front and one back full length figure centered in the page. The rest of the space is to be used for drawing insets of detail, suggesting alternative color themes, making construction notes, or designing other aspects of the look, such as makeup, hairstyle, or footwear."

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