Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday 24 October

My three days back in school this week were as exhausting as if the whole week were crammed into that space. I've made no progress in any knitting endeavor since whatever I wrote about last...the big thing now is hooded jackets. Yes, thank you Addie_Marie for providing the inspiration and technical know-how that launched me on this seasonally-appropriate sewing extravaganza. For my first jacket, I followed her instructions except cut duplicate pieces out of fleece for lining to make it extra worm. I also cut out the front in two pieces 3" longer than the final width so I could have button-front closure. The instructable for those changes I made will come soon! Here are some preview pictures in the meantime:

Those pictures are both of the jacket inside out. You're not missing anything, it's just plain black on the outside. This will be one of the simpler jackets I have planned. After I finish it, I need to make one for my boyfriend and another fancier one for me, lined with blizzard print fleece. It's a beautiful rust red with a black filigree design. That one will have bell sleeves, ruffle trim, and button front closure, but still it will be black on the outside. It's the rule.

Coming up soon:
I'll arrange my pictures describing the construction of english muffin pizzas and stove-top mini apple pies into their own instructables.
I'll make a tutorial for how to make a knotted bracelet with beads. It uses embroidery thread, where one strand is knotted around the other strands to create a round bracelet with a spiral running the outside. Often times the design includes alternating bands of color. In my tutorial, I'll show how to add beads to these kinds of bracelets without making a bead-sized space between the knots on either side of the bead.
Snugglebunny and friends will show you their new collection of toy vegetables.

Lastly, something of use to all with an interest in custom clothing: hand-drawn croquis in a variety of poses that are designed to be drawn directly onto. The figures are light grey and are easily covered up by colored pencils, especially black ones. I'm almost done with my 3/4 length front and back models. Just need to make a variety of layouts and they will be available to download as a PDF. I personally plan to make a thick stack of them arranged by design type and fill in each page with a specific theme of design. I think a lot of people design a lot of related pieces at a time, and the layout would allow them to be compared simultaneously, and further combinations to be made from smaller shared elements of the theme.

In addition to 3/4 length front and back pages, I am working on full length front and back pages, and something else I've dubbed a "style page." These will have just one front and one back full length figure centered in the page. The rest of the space is to be used for drawing insets of detail, suggesting alternative color themes, making construction notes, or designing other aspects of the look, such as makeup, hairstyle, or footwear.

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  1. Awesome hoodie!! I love that you lined it-- it looks so warm. Sorry I didn't get a chance to answer your question on the forum, but I see you figured it out perfectly. By the way, I love the lace you put on that hoodie a couple posts down. It makes it look so fancy and really adds a lot.

    I'm interested in downloading the croquis-- I absolutely fail at drawing figures, and guides like that help me a lot.

    Lovely blog you have here-- you're really talented and I'm flattered that you used my tutorial. :)