Saturday, September 27, 2008

27 September 2008

To the reader:
I haven't really worked on any of the projects I mentioned in my last post except for the vest. I've finished three of the four panels that comprise the bodice. It's looking a little large at this point, so I think I will take it in on the sides and at the princess seams that I will crochet after I finish the fourth panel. I purchased a nice maroon color to use for the trim. I guess you could say I "like" the Vanna's Choice collection from Lion Brand Yarn.
I made a cabled bag for friend Bergen using a lovely, iridescent olive green, and there's a rusty brick red that I need to use for something more than a swatch for an instructable. The maroon contrast will be used for crocheting an edge onto the front and bottom edges and duplicate stitching an x pattern around the very middle of the band of seed stitch.

A simple project I've already completed is a hooded jacket with lace embellishments. I used a black jacket from Costco ($20) and several feet of lace from the craft store. I plan to make an instructable for it soon.

While at the craft store with friend Kate today, I bought felt and foam for Snugglebunny's pirate costume. I made him a striped hat out of a pair of leggings given to me by co-worker Aubrey, and now he has an eyepatch too. The parrot and hook are both works in progress and constructed of foam. He's been playing pirates every weekend since International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and Halloween's coming up, so it's all appropriate, really.

Here are pictures of my backpack, which I now use for school. I wonder how obviously handmade it is. It's in my trademark botanigoth style, of course.

Lastly, here is Slippy's home. I switched out the semi-realistic red plastic rock bowl you see in the front for a big green cat bowl. The coleus plant in the front is a cutting since the one in the back was going crazy. might die.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


To the reader:
My current ongoing projects include a knit vest, headkerchief, two cable throw blankets, and Slippy the frog's terrarium. I very recently finished a messenger style backpack. It is actually a convertible messgenger style/backpack style backpack, but the strap pulls threateningly when there are lots of books in it. On the other hand, I walk to school and I already have a reason not to bring so many books to school. As an explanation for this and the terse language to which I refer in my "Blog Title" I offer my major in biology and minor in chemistry. It's fun, but it's really just an easy way of not being a biochemistry major, or a cell and molecular biology major. Of course if I did either of those, I wouldn't have a minor any more. And I'd have to take more math and physics.

All of the knitting projects in which I am partaking are either straight out of or the interpretation of books from the Tacoma Public Library System. I encourage everybody to take advantage of any resources available to them through their local library systems, and to promptly pay the many fines you will accrue by checking out forty or fifty books at different points throughout the month.

What I had in my hands before constructing a blog, and what I will return to after this is posted, is the knitted vest. It's a variation of the "Juliet Vest" from Get Hooked Again, by Kim Werker. I modified the pattern, which was originally crocheted, so that I could knit it instead. It didn't make much sense to me, actually, since the diagram suggested it should be 16" at the waist.

In addition to the conversion to knitting, I added shaping at the waist. I have no promises as to how this will turn out, as I used more math than theory of knitwear design or creativity to devise my increases and decreases. There is a band of seed stitch 6" around the middle, with front lace-up closure. The straps are very wide apart in the front and normal in the back. I say all of this as though I'm in the final stages of construction, but really I've just made a lot of decisions in my "statistics" or "genetics" notebook. I've only just finished half of the front. Oh, and it's black.